Providing Support in More Ways than One

When the Edmonton Police Service planned the construction of their new North Division Headquarters, they sought an innovative and striking architectural design.  With a dramatic cuved roof, this building would surely stand out.


The challenge in constructing such a roof was the placement of the roof panels.  Interlocking panels would form the roof’s surface, but great care was necessary to handle them without damage.  The panels themselves had very little strength, and at almost 200′ [60 m] long, posed a significant challenge.


By engineering a rigid support system using existing equipment, Craig & his former employer managed to find an economical solution which was simple to use.  A pipe-based spreader bar was built, with slings spaced appropriately for the roof panels.  In this way, the rigidity of the bar supported the panels, and ensured that crews could move plenty of material with each lift.


Quoting the crane supervisor:

The customer is happy and everything is going well, thank you for your efforts!