By Boat, Train, & Trailer

While working for previous employer, Craig designed and engineered a vessel transport & securement arrangement for a fertilizer plant in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  The vessel’s securement was a unique design, utilizing a friction-based clamp which avoided welding on the pressure vessel.  This avoidance of welding was an incredible cost & schedule savings for the client.


By working closely with the vessel fabricator in Austria, as well as transport partners around the world, Craig ensured that the transport and securement system would perform adequately for everyone’s needs.  Quoting the client:


The solution found became reality due to excellent cooperation – verified by the excellent result reached !!!!



The securement system design utilized advanced Finite Element Analysis to ensure that service loads during all forms of tranport (barging, open sea shipping, rail, & onsite trailers) would remain within the limit states of the equipment.


The rail portion of the vessel’s journey from Linz, Austria to the project site was featured on Discovery Channel’s Rocky Mountain Railroad, Season 1 Episode 6.


This project was completed while Craig was employed with Mammoet Canada Western Ltd.