Structural Engineering

  1. New Construction
    • We routinely assist architects and designers in all stages of their design process from concepts and schematics through to detailed engineering of structures.
    • We complete field reviews to ensure that our design intent is adequately carried out during construction, and can also assist consultants from other areas with their projects in our region.
  2. Hospitality Industry & Tenant Improvements
    • We have extensive experience working with the local hospitality industry from restaurants to hotels and cabin resorts.
    • We are accustomed to the project timelines and constraints typical of construction projects taking place within operating facilities.
  3. Residential & Commercial Renovations
    • We have assisted many local homeowners and businesses with plan and storey additions to existing buildings.
    • We routinely consult on tenant improvements and complete change-of-use reviews to ensure that existing buildings can handle a new tenant with different business needs.
    • We often consult on the removal of load bearing walls, and improvement of floor & roof structures to accommodate new equipment.
  4. Building Restorations
    • We have developed numerous jacking & shoring plans and procedures.
    • We are often asked to assist the the engineering of repairs to damaged structures.
  5. Construction Engineering
    • Engineering of formwork and falsework
    • Engineering of custom fall arrest systems
    • Engineered lift & transport plans for dimensional cargo
    • Personnel hoisting procedures

Design & Drafting

Our design services are rooted in design thinking, which is a process by which we design buildings and spaces to produce an exceptional experience for you, the inhabitants.  Our services include:

  1. Conceptual Design
    • Review of zoning and building regulations
    • Development of concept sketches and drawings
    • Iteration and Review to capture your needs
    • Further design development to flesh out the details
  2. Construction Documentation
    • Preparation of permit drawings
    • Coordination with the Authority Having Jurisdiction regarding permit and variance applications.
    • Drafting of construction drawings and specifications
  3. Permit Applications & Coordination
    • e routinely deal with the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and are well versed at applying for and obtaining development and building permits in the areas that we operate.  We can take this stressful step off of your plate, and help keep your project on schedule.
  4. Construction Administration & Field Reviews
    • We’ll work with your contractors to ensure that the intent of the designs that we produced earlier are correctly implemented.
    • We can provide inspections to ensure that the level of construction completion matches claims for payment, and ensure that you as the project owner are well informed during this stage of the project.

Headwall has several standard designs for Jasper-area homes pre-prepared, and ready for customization to suit your needs.  If you are planning to build in our area, please get in touch.  We’d love to help you build a space that you will love, with a building envelope that will keep you comfortable, and features that will help your building sell when that time comes.

Energy Efficient Design

With an education in PassivHaus construction, our architectural technologist staff can assist you in planning upgrades to your building envelope. These upgrades can result in extensive improvements to the comfort of your building, and also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint. Whether your goal is a minor improvement, or full retrofit of your building envelope, get in touch with us regarding:

  1. Building Envelope Upgrades
    • Identification of weak points
    • Maximization of your budget effect through modelling of potential upgrades and their associated costs
    • Contract documents for your planned building improvements to facilitate tendering and permitting for your project
    • Payback analyses and modelling of carbon footprint reductions
  2. Deep Energy Retrofits
    • Wholistic retrofit planning utilizing the latest in building efficiency technologies
    • Custom modelling of your upgraded building envelope and mechanical systems for performance, serviceability, and to ensure component longevity
    • Compliance checks with various performance standards, if desired, such as PassivHaus.

Condition & Lease Transfer Assessments

We’ve assisted many local businesses, property managers, and homeowners with their maintenance planning and lease renewal projects. We are flexible in our approach and customize our deliverables for your purposes. Speak to us if you are in need of:

  1. Structural Defect Investigations
    • Foundation cracking & settlement investigations and monitoring.
    • Repair of moisture damage to structural elements of buildings.
    • Repair of failing connections & details.
  2. Forensic Damage Investigations
    • We occasionally assist insurance adjusters with claim investigations for damage to buildings.
  3. Capital Investment & Maintenance Planning
    • Condition assessments of buildings & infrastructure.
  4. Lease Transfers & Undocumented Construction
    • Our unique real property legal structure inside Jasper National Park involves the renewal of property leases. Occasionally, records of construction undertaken between lease renewals can cause hiccups in the renewal process. We’ve successfully helped several leaseholders through this process and may be able to assist you as well.