End of Trip Cycling Facilities

When the University of Alberta wanted to advance its status as a front-runner in sustainable design, Katherine’s design team stepped up and completed a comprehensive analysis of design options for its end-of-trip facilities.

Bicycle Facilities Concept Photo
End of Trip Facilities are an integral part of active transportation networks.

End of Trip Facilities for cyclists are a significant determining factor on active transportation.  Poor infrastructure for finding bicycle parking areas, and securely storing one’s bicycle can negate the effects of other infrastructure such as protected cycling lanes, intersection signals, and the like.  The goal of Katherine’s project was to healthier lifestyles for the University of Alberta community through an inclusive, end-of-trip cycling facility network.

Katherine’s analysis included:

  1. Observation of current infrastructure.
  2. Interviews and surveys with stakeholders, such as the U of A’s Bicycle Library Staff, cycling infrastructure users, University of Alberta’s Staff Architects, and the Students Union.
  3. Analysis of end-of-trip solutions already in place in other communities, both domestic and around the world.
  4. Alignment with the University of Alberta Strategic Plan.
  5. A geographic comparison between building occupancy density, and existing end-of-trip infrastructure.
  6. Creation of heatmaps identifying bicycle theft locations and comparing that to the locations for existing infrastructure use and popularity.
  7. Research of crime and theft prevention best practices, and the impact on design parameters.


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Following the analysis, Katherine’s group designed a modular end-of-trip “Cycling Stop” as a pilot project.  As a modular design, the infrastructure would be able to be relocated as needed.  An initial location was identified, based on theft hotspots and a lack of existing infrastructure.

Bicycle Facilities Final Design 1

The pilot project also included a wayfinding system, complete with maps, directional signage, informational signage, and instructions for use.

Bicycle Facilities Final Design 2

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