Miette Street Residence Renovation

Headwall Engineering assisted the owners of this historic residence with their desired retrofit of the building. The owners desired to keep the recently-finished basement, and complete an interior renovation of the main floor with complete replacement of the attic/second-floor. Key considerations to the project included:

  • Minimal impact to the existing main floor and basement, limiting structural load paths.
  • Compliance with land use regulations considering that the original building pre-dated such regulations.
  • Adequate consideration to fire safety concerns such as limiting distance to adjacent properties.
  • Aesthetic impact of the renovated building and maintenance of the character of the original building.
  • Building envelope detailing to bring the existing buidling into compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of NBC(AE) 2019 code.
  • Assessment of the structural adequacy of the existing foundation, main floor, and first floor walls for both gravity and lateral loads.

We have been pleased to hear positive feedback about this project, and welcome other similar projects to help renew Jasper’s historic homes.