Compact Lot District Home Design

Jasper’s former mobile home park, now known as the Compact Lot (R4) District, presents a unique opportunity for those looking to build a home in this mountain resort community.  The large number of mobile homes, which must eventually be replaced with permanent buildings, present an opportunity to build your dream home in a community where no further residential land is being released.

The repetitive lot dimensions and somewhat challenging land use regulations gave us the idea to develop a starting point for those looking to design their own home.  This 2-storey home meets all the land use regulations, and includes plenty of opportunities to customize the layout to your needs.  It also includes allowances for some common variances that most home owners apply for in this area.

If you are interested in building in the Compact Lot District, or elsewhere in the Jasper area, please get in touch with us.  We’d love to help you design a space that will be enjoyed for centuries to come.

Check out our brochure for this home design: Compact Lot – 2 Storey Brochure