Custom Site-Built Roof Trusses

When a local accommodation provider wanted to upgrade an old roof on one of their staff accommodation buildings, they reached out to Headwall Engineering to plan and design the new roof structure.


With the portion of the roof being replaced needing to match up to another existing roofline, this project required careful attention to ensure a uniform and consistent roof shape.


In the interests of preserving the existing ceiling, and bringing the roof structure up to modern structural standards, Headwall engineered custom roof trusses for site fabrication.  Keeping the fabrication on site allowed for slight final modifications to be made, so that the new roof structure would match the existing roofline exactly.


Headwall Engineering designed custom roof trusses, including plywood gusset plate connections, for site assembly.  Upon discovery of an elevated ceiling structure in one area, we also provided timely modifications to the design to compensate.


Overall, our client was very happy with the result  we were able to prevent issues arising from the work on an existing structure, and provide a cost-effective solution to the challenge at hand.


Site-Fabricated Trusses
Site-fabricated trusses, staged and ready for installation.