Pool Deck Replacement

Headwall Engineering was retained by a local hotel to complete a structural condition assessment of its existing pool deck. The hotel had noted developing serviceability issues with several doors, floor levelness, and other indicators in this area of the building.

The condition assessment revealed that the pool deck’s wood & mass timber components were actively failing and required replacement. Headwall Engineering subsequently completed the engineering of the new pool deck structure, which included evaluations of adjacent existing steel, masonry, and reinforced concrete structures, often without complete construction documentation in place.

The pool deck was replaced on an accelerated timeline due to the poor condition of wood and mass timber structure components. Headwall Engineering also assisted the project’s contractor with temporary shoring and jacking system designs to enable deflected portions of the surrounding structure to be supported during construction and previous deflections to be corrected during construction.

Headwall Engineering also consulted on the pool deck’s building envelope components, ensuring a correction of previous water ingress issues which may have exacerbated some of the original issues that faced this portion of the hotel.

Due to the capacity to complete the engineering on an accelerated timeline, and Headwall’s experience in the hospitality sector, the hotel was able to re-open its pool facilities with minimal disruption to its guests or operations.

The pool deck following renovation